Remember the Pittsburgh Print I got for Leroy for his birthday?

Jen Hill's work was featured in Design*Sponge for the custom Savannah print Jen made for Grace at DS. What an awesome wedding present.

I love the colors and patterns Jen uses for her designs. I know I'm a bit pattern obsessed lately. Here are some of my favorites from the Cities/Places I have never been series. She has a blog about this series and you can read more about the inspirations for the Cities.

She also has a series of Animal Alphabet that is way cooler than the sororities trend of initialing everything. Also, it may look really cool for any girl/boy room since she uses cool animals like aardvark, ray, ultrasauraus instead of the usual cuddly things boys might not want to be associated with.

Here is how "LEROY" would look.

The only other way her stuff could be any cooler in my book is if "J" stood for Jawesome with a shark with opposable thumbs, giving the thumbs up. But we all know that mystical creature is partying with unicorns, centaurs, and sadly, the Harry Potter creatures.

and I digress.

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