Insomnia Driven Productivity

Think I got some rest over the nice long holiday? Errrrrrrrrrrr, wrong. That, my friend, would be too simple. All of a sudden this napping freak got hit with insomnia and I could not sleep Thursday, then Friday. I somehow turned it into a very creative streak fueled by some good 'ol stout, bouts of melancholy, and some Joy Division. I ended up making sets of move announcements cards that turned out really sweet and bright despite feeling like a morose whiny high school goth kid.

The Tree Set

Forest green new home motif embossed stamp on cream cardstock. The edge is dyed with same shade of forest green. Comes with complementing envelopes lined in textured sage green.

(details of embossing and edgeing)

(back with pre-printed lines ready for new address)

(final packaging)

The second set was inspired by a friend who just recently moved. I totally plan on sending her a batch as house warming present, especially since I still have not gotten actual paper annoucements yet, wink, wink (Let's keep stationary and USPS alive dernit!). Purple is her favourite color and she had some pretty cool damask pattern ink on her done.

The Purple House Set

This set actually contains both horizontal and vertical cards to switch it up. I like having more coloring/orientation options in a set of cards rather than one monotonous set. Both sets have the same purple damask house motif in purple with the sage grass underneath the house. The horizontal ones have the same sage green dye arond the perimeter of the cards and the verticle ones feature purple dye. The cardstock is bright white watercolor paper grade cardstock with matching white envelopes lined with coordinating colors. The backs feature the same lines as above, ready for the new address.

(horizontal set with sage green edging)

(vertical set with purple edging)

(coordinating lined envelopes)

I made extras of these and am thinking of clean up these photos to take a stab at Etsy later this week. Considering it is beyond second quarter and let's take a look at my goals I had, I did not get to go to Eastern Market, nor exhibit at my neighborhood annual sale, consider this a a baby step for now. I will of course post the crap out of the new storefront keep you posted via twitter, facebook, blog, etc.

Also, in the world of temporary exciting news, I have finished a temporary site until I find a better hosting option. Please visit Suggestions welcome, for site or for hosting options. Thanks.

Then I slept for about 18 hours straight and went back to day job. Back to being Rip Van Winkle.

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