Sylvia Plath Reads 'Daddy'

If I did not have a kickass AP English teacher, Ms. Savage, I'd mostly likely would still be a jerk about poetry. I fell in love with Silvia Plath, Emily Dickinson in high school, continued to take some poetry classes in college to balance out all the artsy and design-y classes and was so lucky to have been introduced to Rita Dove's work.

I don't write as beautifully as my friends, but I know what can give me goosepumps when I read/hear it.

This blew my mind

I want Julia as my ringtone please.

Put away the interwebs

Sometimes a place is so beautiful it's like a gut punch when you are in it. The senses are so overwhelming and you want to capture it all but there is only so little time in the day that you could have a camera permanently up in yo face.


Yeah. Just like that.

It's why I've been so quiet on Instagram. Nothing just seem as pretty enough to capture.

Untitled Untitled IMG_2255

I think I like being offline and unplugged from the world.

Why am I back?

Because I finally had a derby breakdown after skating for a couple of years now and I guess it was long time coming. Nah, it wasn’t anything related to plateauing physically, or getting butthurt on the track. It came down to a graphics snafu that had me breaking down one late night after staying up way late because of my day job, coaching the travel team, trying to get us insurance then still needing to work on graphics for a charity partner, all in a day’s work.

I forgot what it was like to create for fun rather than create because I have deadlines. So I’m back using here as brain dump once again to vent or look at papery goodness and forcing myself to take at least Friday night for #FridayNightArtDork. It was a great wake up call to remind me not to let the big D take over my life completely.

Just keep swimming doodling.


This bothers me so much.

1) I want to punch all the moms.
2) Why do these jerks get to be moms and I don't?


When will there be a movie about stationery designer who keeps working on baby shower invites and never gets to have on herself? Just cast JLo, it'll be the knockoff to The Wedding Planner.