Lisa Frank Tentacles

Got me some neon acrylics and having some fun with the bright colors instead of my usual black and white drawings. The colors turned out beautifully and I got request for prints. Sadly I'm learning neon printing only works with neon ink so this can't be easily reproduced. The original is claimed for but I hope to maybe play with this as silkscreen another time.

Well crap

I found out all the posterous images are gone.

The elephants are here!

I have not posted any full pictures of the elephant drawing since it was completed. Mostly due to an oversight that I was so darn excited to ship it off to Two Crows Printing to reproduce I forgot to take a picture of the finished product before I shipped it off to Dae and Rhiannon. I am so excited the prints and originals came back in the most beautiful black on black on black packaging. I was able to call in some favors and get my brother to be the human behind the picture of the print.

Yup  both prints and original are available at the shop.  


It all started as I needed an awesome feel good for work. I wanted an awesome party favor for Galentines Day 2015. How rare is it to have February 13 to fall on a Friday for work friends to get together for drinks, waffles, friendship, waffles?

I found a random Etsy vendor who made my design happen as temporary tattoos and I had the best Galentines Day filled with good food, good company, and Lil Sebastian temporary tattoos.

Then the awesomest thing happened. Buttonhead asked me to design more tattoo designs for her shop. Awhile back when I dropped off one of my pieces for Snakeoil Saint and Sinners at Gallery O on H Street, Cyn had asked me if I'd consider apprenticing at Cirque do Rouge. It sure did hurt to turn that down but I just couldn't right now. To design temporary tattoo will just have to be the next best thing. I'm trying to work with the colors and line weights that I'm familiar with from talking with my tattoo artists friends and hoping I can work on some fun and semi badass projects to balance out my days. The first batch are focused on Sailor Jerry style and Nautical style vintage tattoos with blank banners for customization for weddings. I really can't wait to see how these are going to be used.

Sylvia Plath Reads 'Daddy'

If I did not have a kickass AP English teacher, Ms. Savage, I'd mostly likely would still be a jerk about poetry. I fell in love with Silvia Plath, Emily Dickinson in high school, continued to take some poetry classes in college to balance out all the artsy and design-y classes and was so lucky to have been introduced to Rita Dove's work.

I don't write as beautifully as my friends, but I know what can give me goosepumps when I read/hear it.