Why I’m Not at the NSS

I love Christmas and I love Leroy’s birthday. I usually get so excited about what I find for him that I end up giving him his presents way (and I mean slightly embarrassingly prematurely) before his birthday/Christmas. This year I managed to draw out the process by giving him one present a week and keep the bestest present for the big day. TODAY! (Yeah yeah I botched my weeks and is giving him two presents this week, I’ll get the timing down eventually).

So far I’ve given him a credit card sized camera, a line of men’s skin care products from Origins. (I am the scrub shopper in the relationship) For the big finale, to continue the richless chic, and because Leroy is from Pittsburgh, I made a custom giftwrap with butcher paper, and his favorite colors. It gave me a chance to play with patterns and it compliments the actual gift, a Pittsburgh print from JHill, for a total Pittsburghese present.

Yeah this guy has been one of my bestest friends since college, and I’m very glad that someone puts up with all my eccentricities on a daily basis. I’ve only missed one of his birthdays and that was because of my college graduation. With how many of birthdays his friends have forgotten thanks to George Luca’s sucky prequels, I just can’t miss out celebrating with him this year. So despite the Phoebe Cates sighting tweets and some really awesome designs I’m seeing on blogs on NSS, this dude is totally worth staying around town for. Especially since he’s been in and out of Dr. offices with sports injuries and I’m very thankful he will not need surgery in his birthday week. Whew. (this is why I hate sports)

Anywho…to steal the Bud Light line circa 1995, I love you man.

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