Orla Kiely, So Hot Right Now

I was trying to explain to an interior designer friend that Orla Kiely must be like so hot right now, because I’m totally seeing her stuff everywhere. And by everywhere, probably just because I secretly want some of her housewares, fabric, wallpaper, etc. I love her geometric prints and colors so retro, they'll forever be classic vintage.

I see with my little eyes...

Found on Design Sponge Before and After: A wallpapered stair case.

1) A Wallpapered fridge of the same pattern!
2) Canister found in a bathroom remodel
3) Dooce’s new mugs
4) Wallpapered TV trays
5) Journals at Anthropology
6) and of course, Target

I will take a couple of the Pear Stoneware Canister, a 2-tier tray and lots of cute dresses please!


  1. I saw a bunch of Orla Kiley last fall at some botiques in Nashville and immediately fell in luuurve. Her stuff is so cute.

  2. We definately need more timeless designs like hers. Now what do you think, with how cute would a wallpaper butcher apron look? Easy to clean up and cute?

  3. Wow - that would make me dizzy!


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