I live in a big big city that is definitely world class metro but still incredibly conservative. We are the place truly international stars do not tour through, unless they are meeting the president, or to speak on the hill. Despite all the counter culture from the 80s with the underground punk scene, this place remains J Crew. The cool art films/documentaries have to be rented on Netflix. I had slight hope that with all the gowns needed for the black tie events around town, there will be interest locally for a documentary on one of my favorite designers in the world. His dresses are the only ones where appearance of chiffon doesn’t look cheap and trashy.

After writing petitions and joining various groups, my patience paid off. Valentino the Last Emperor finally came to DC. I’m very lucky to have an awesome friend GR, with similar penchant for artsy documentaries like this, who was able to go with me last minute, since we don’t know how long the movie will be playing locally. We planned the whole day around this momentous trip starting with brunch, then we were treated to pretty much only a row of people in a decent sized theatre.

The movie is awesome, and the love between Valentino and Giancarlo is just beautiful, subtle, and old wives-ish. So friggin cute. The clothes were truly awe-inspiring and I think I definitely got the sniffles a bit towards the end when Valentino decided to retire. I guess that explains why I all of a sudden I’m seeing Valentino glasses and perfumes. I can only hope that one day, Karl Lagerfeld will have a documentary too, so I can have a Wayne’s World moment of “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy.” Maybe Lagerfeld won’t hate midgets as much as Valentino?

I’ve been itching to add a second pair of Valentino glasses to my collection, hooray FSA account right?

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