Secret Joy

Everyone has their secret joy of trashy TV show, especially reality TV. I will admit my awesome college roommate and I sweet-talked our way into the room of this gorgeous-piece-of-smart-pre-med-graduated-too-soon-dude, just so we can catch Temptation Island. Oh it felt so good to judge the couples, the seducers, and then Fox, when it was revealed one couple had a child together. Awful. Disgusting. Despicable. And we cried for more, more, more, just like the Billy Idol sang.

Scarily, nearly a decade later (!?!?WTF where did the time go!?!?), I no longer keep a regular enough schedule to block out time between Hand Pecked Designs projects, Day Job, home, pets, etc., to actually watch any reality TV anymore. I think I am still burnt that Fox cancelled My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss when I got addicted to the pure shenanigans of dodging paintballs behind suitcases, dressing up slutty but wear Ugg boots in summer, and a chimp deciding contestants' fate.

I now get my fill of reality TV clips thanks to the Soup and if I wanted in-depth coverage of the latest Bachelorette, I turn to [redacted]. Here is how I best approach at following between the double amount of plain dude names this year. Consider this a DYI post for following recaps.

Here on the left is the awesome blog [redacted] with such witt-ay gems such as (as shown) American's Canadian Sweetheart, who's getting the "bang card," and a giant forehead that's so huge it's become a contestant separate from the actual person. On the right, I like to open the ABC website so I can follow which Mike/Michael they are talking about and holy shit, Kypton does have a giant forehead, and why does that guy's smile look so pained?

So this, is how I roll my friends. Don't judge and then come back for more like me.

Recaps Vol I, II, and III.

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