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El Blogo will most likely go through a series of changes in the next couple of days. I have nailed down on the format, which will be incorporated into a finalized website. I have also nailed down a webhosting place that can do it cheap, without the annoying ugly banner that clashes with everything I had layout.

Pluses and Minuses

This past couple of weeks has been kinda rough. At first I thought I can turn it into a fart sandwich but then I realized I had too many ups and downs. I wanted to scan the ol graphic calculator's eXtreme SIN graph so I can plop some key events to the graph. But then I've already been called out by FaceBook's advertising as Uber Nerd since they are now advertising mostly SMART TOYS on the sidebar (brilliant marketing ploy BTW, tracking my likes and dislikes, creepy but brilliant). So instead of a graph, I'll just have a list of Pluses and Minuses.

+ I will be guest blogging at Crow and Canary next week when Carina is at the uber spectacular event I wish I can go to, The New California Gift Show at LA Mart. Now that I don't live in LA, I LOVE reading about all the cool stuff I NEVER got to see, but then I was too busy running around catching lizards, hopping fences, testing velocity of skateboards/bicycles/roller skates coming down a hill to comprehend how this tomboy would later turn into someone Leroy calls "gay" nearly everyday. Oh yeah, I am sooooo syked and I have not been this giddy since them childhood days in LA. As I've posted in FB, it may be one small post in the blogosphere but it's a giant step for a dream that I hope can one day switch from being night job to day job.

-I now understand why people have to kick out their kids. ManBoy moved back home post college. He neglects to do a couple of things consistently:

  • To turn off showerhead all the way when he's done showering
  • To turn lights/TV off when he's NOT IN THE HOUSE
  • To forget the week's meal is for a WEEK and not one NIGHT!
  • To look for jobs at usual resources but only looks on CraigsList because that was source for everything in college (try 'splaining to him the jobs on there are still shady but if it's on the web it must be legit, duh).
  • To put away triathlon shit when he's done working out. I have figured out all the bruises on my legs, groin, stomach are various encounters to a bike in the KITCHEN, in the dark.

+ A blogging friend is back from a long hiatus. This time, the blog is peppered with her adorable kid, not just her skinny ass and maniacal thoughts. I secretly hope she can be one of them full time bloggers and just fill my reader with awesome projects, baby rearing (my ovaries told me they enjoy living vicariously through these mom blogs while they talk in the dark and cry cry cry), and then she'll be home with the critters.

- Leroy was hurt, real bad. He's playing it real cool, like a dude, but stairs are a bitch. I have no clue how he is even get up without a working tendon but then I never even looked at med school, and I secretly think he's like Wolverine. Not the strong admantium part, but his odd speed healing/pain withstanding abilities that have consistently wowed his orthopaedic surgeon.

+ I got a referral for a 400 people wedding stationary design. I was aiming for 2 weddings to work on this year, but I'm cool with just 1, especially since other couples I'm talking to are now putting weddings off to ride out the economy. That's bleak when people have to put off their day to make ends meet. Let's hope I got the job, because I so want my own printing mechanism that does not involve hinge, foamies, and spoon?

- My hip is hurting real bad lately, even when weather is not changing. I need to get off the chair and go lay down, ow,ow.

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