Last week kinda blew

  1. Follow up on the fans: all attempts at stenciling with spray paint have failed. Stamping and hand painting have way better effects compared to the outcome of the stenciling. Which totally sucked considering the hours I spent design, then cutting out this viney/paisley pattern on cardboard. I may yet use the pattern on something else, I just don't know what yet. I still want to experiment with different medium and techniques. Bro suggested using different types of spray paints, I think I may need paper fans. I just don't know right now.
  2. I was hit with a nasty nasty deadline last week with a lot of pieces up in air till last minute, so I didn't get to do much other than proposals last week. I was glad to have found Twitter and a friend with just as nasty deadline. It helps to stay awake to know/commiserate with someone else in same predicament. She had a line of soda/coffee in from of her monitors. Me, I had a line of chocolate covered espresso beans. Cokes are for jerks, this is how the working folks roll.


The weekend totally made up for all the pains of last week. I picked up a new/old toy. Meet my Kodak Brownie. I wanted to play around with TTV some more and found this camera for really dirt cheap price. Check out the size of the viewport, it's friggin huge! I like how it frames everything with a rounded square, it's almost very I dunno, Facebook profile image. Very Mod.

I'm still playing around with the focus/exposure of shooting one camera through another. Out of like 40 pictures I took, this was the only one that didn't come out blurry. See how it makes even the most boringest shed look happy ala Bob Ross? The possibilities are endless!!!!!


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  2. I actually meant to say that I love your photo! And camera! And wish that blogspot would have a spell check for people with happy fingers :P


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