Lurves me a good wedding

(i love brides who don't cover up their ink)

I got to go to a pretty cool wedding this past Saturday. The bride and groom had a small family gathering on one of the outlooks at Great Falls. The whole event was very earthy, right down to the bride's dress and her barefeet, and groom in flipflops. The cool part was I got to play around with TTV on a day that turned out incredibly gorgeous after what felt like a week of water dumping on us.

(holy cow that kid is only 10, she's like my height already.)

Because I got a free trip into Great Falls, (oooh I also got to see Bambi the size of a chihuahua, but my camera hands weren't fast enough), i got to take more pics of just an awesome site. The rain from previous week really made Great Falls look, well, great, unlike a the calm trickle I've seen after a summer of drought. Also found was a little snake napping under the sun-warmed rocks of a retaining wall. I was able to be cool for like a minute when I made friends with two little boys who were impressed with my knowledge of snakes. (That's right, stay in school kids, you learn about that in 6th grade)

(eat your heart out Samuel L. Jackson, Snake at a Wedding!)

(Hey Trekkies, those lens flares are pho real son!)

I proudly did not shed a single tear at this wedding, probably because I was "and Guest," and wasn't personally connected with the bride and groom. There was a moment that I cam close when the bride and groom were taking off. The groom's mom started tearing up the moment the groom hugged her to say goodbye. That sucks about being a mom, when your babies say goodbye.


  1. Aw I haven't been to Great Falls since you took me for a picnic years ago... will have to make the trek next summer if we end up in D.C.

  2. Pho sho. The've really built it up for safety in the main parts but bring your walking shoes for the trails.

    It's still beautiful as heck though.

  3. Yay! A new blog! Thanks for coming by mine. I'm so excited to find yours.
    I love your designs, and I love your taste!

  4. Thanks! I got addicted to escapetonewyork from the feature in rocknroll brides. I love your style as well and truly can't wait to see it in person at the Smithsonian!


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