And I shall dub thee, Trivia Night

(playing with my junk)
(hey, this sneak preview of the studio is for you Kor!)

Instead of going to trivia night (where I will probably drink, where my responses will start out upholding my reign as geography bee capt'n but eventually disintegrate into making squeeky fart sounds punctuated with childish giggles), I stayed in to work on a long-in-the-back-of-my-head project. A couple of people have asked if I can do something with fans. Why of course, I'm Asian duh (ok, almost pure), OMG my idol Lagerfeld carries fans, and fans are like so hot right now for wedding this year as favours. I figure I should get off my ass and ride the approaching wave, heat wave that is.

(trivia fans, comedy gold)

Here are some of the designs I've been toying with. Most of what I have accomplished so far caters to the more whimsical/girly/geometric stuff. Later on, I think it'll be mighty fun to airbrush some of the tattoo designs I've admired. One day soon I'll meet that special couple who wants to incorporate his and her ink together as their wedding theme right? I can always dream...


  1. LOoks good! Unfortunately, it wouldn't expand to see it better.
    Funny, one more time I see the proof, that all ideas are floating in the air - just yesterday at the library I picked up a book about fans, and was thinking that it would be nice to do something with that theme...

  2. I only wanted to focus on the details for this post. Once I have more concepts created, I'm throwing these up on the stationary design website.

    These things a great for the southern summer weddings. (and also ladies with hot flashes apparently)

  3. Did you find a couple that wants to make their tattoos a wedding theme? You crack me up...

  4. I did a couple of weekends ago. and they were so cool I sooooooo had a girl crush on her (she had sleeved ink on her arms that meets at her chest and he had a killer pompadour and big doe eyes) and a crush on him. Sadly, they haven't contacted me and even though i know where she works, I don't wnat to be so stalkerish and envelope her with hugs over usauge of "you guys are so effing cool"

    Once again, i heard the story of how conventional wedding invitation shops look down on "them kinds" and that's exactly the market I'm going after!

  5. Not just for southern summer weddings – we went to a friend’s wedding at the Princeton chapel in NJ for a wedding in August a few years ago, and they gave fans with the wedding programs as we were ushered in. A lot of these old churches don’t have A/C – remember how hot it was at the Columbia chapel for my wedding? I wish we’d thought to do fans.

  6. Good call on the old churches. Yeah your wedding was hot as balls. I at least wore a sundress and didnt' have to wear a suit jacket. If I ever have a vows renewal event planning service, I'd call it Wedding Mulligan.


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