Effing Eff’d Up

(how can you hurt these pretties?)

Mom has been reading about the latest disgusting eating trends of China. Finally, an article is written in English so I can post it. The Southern Chinese have been allowing their chickens to be bitten by venomous snakes to tenderize the meat (unlike as translated in the article below). There is science behind it as Cytotoxic Venom is responsible for the paralysis and cell destruction of muscle mass (hence, it's also being used as an alternative to Botox, relax them wrinkles topically!). But this whole practice is just plain awful. It never ceases to amaze me the ridiculous foodie trend people follow, especially when it comes to cruelty to animals.

I am very thrilled to hear the Chinese authority is stepping in, albeit only at municipal level. Yes, there is video and it's gut-wrenching for me to watch.

I hope those who continue to practice this awful act will eat the nervous system/cardiovascular damaging venom to learn a lesson. (and don't even get me started on that eating brains stuff, what are you, a zombie?)

China puts a stop to snake-bitten cock-in-a-pot

Mon Jun 1, 10:12 am ET

BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese health authorities are putting a stop to restaurants serving chickens which have been bitten to death by poisonous snakes and cooked up for a supposedly detoxing meal.

The dish, served by a small number of eateries in the southern province of Guangdong and the southwestern city of Chongqing, has generated a storm of publicity and controversy in the Chinese media and amongst bloggers.

A video showing a cook holding a snake and forcing it to bite a live chicken until it dies has been widely circulated online, (http:/you.video.sina.com.cn/b/21145091-1405053100.html) generating mainly angry comments.

"It's disgusting and really cruel," wrote one poster on the popular portal sina.com.cn.

"Not only is it cruel and blood-thirsty, but totally amoral," the Chongqing Business Daily cited a neighbor to one of the restaurants as saying.

"Health authorities in Guangdong have already told restaurants to stop serving "poisonous snake-bitten chicken" and now those in Chongqing have joined in.

Although nobody has been poisoned, this at the very least is an irregular way of slaughtering poultry," the business newspaper quoted a local health official as saying.

"One dish, prized among some in Guangdong, is monkey brains scooped from a live animal, which has regularly upset animal rights campaigners in the West.

"Reporting by Ben Blanchard and Nick Macfie; Editing by Sanjeev Miglani)

There so many good meats to eat already, stop with the nonsense please.

(mmmm meat bracket)

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