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Oooh check this out, from Journal of Genetic Vaccines and Therapy…

"DNA-vaccination via tattooing induces stronger humoral and cellular immune responses than intramuscular delivery supported by molecular adjuvants"

(the med geek white paper here)

Yeah, what's up.

Here's the shorten version for you.

Blah blah blah medical geek speak, blah blah blah. Tattooing procedures were used to deliver experimental DNA vaccines on mice and resulted in a stronger antibody response than traditional injections. Booyeah.


  1. Umm... Should we be concern? :P

  2. I think this is a means for people to accept tattoos, espcially if this is a new way to deliver vaccines. It's awesome news in my world.

  3. That's kind of a nice idea if we keep having parents who reject immunizations for their kids based on Jenny McCarthy's say-so. At least we can tell our kids to stay away from the kids with no tattoos, because the tattoo-free kids are the bad, dangerous ones.


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