Typographic puzzles

Another reason to have kids...to force my typophile agenda onto somebody at a young age.

by John Christenson

Nuzzles® are custom designed handmade wooden name puzzles, each with its own unique typographic style. Every puzzle is crafted from a single block of wood, and the letterforms interlock with each other in a way that creates a sense of harmony and integrity.

images via behance


  1. This just gave me a great idea for something similar (but not wood) to do with my 2.5 yr old. He loves to see his name in print - he would go crazy for a puzzle!

  2. Oh please do share your project when you're done. I'm a bit of a typography freak.

  3. I hear ya carina! I hope these will be picked up and we'll see them ICFF or something like that next year.


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