Shepard Fairey at Awesome Dudes Printing

There's a lot of great SF-spotting coverage out there but not so much on showing SF and his crew putting up their work.

Over at wallfarmers(dot)ca, they've got some great coverage via Zach Pelliccio with a pretty awesome coverage of the process, complete with dudes chilling and drinking beer on a truck (who doesn't have a cold one when working right?). Seeing progress makes the giant murals seem more 'awesomer' as if such a thing was possible. Seeing all the different layers needed now I understand the full complexity of all the work that needs to go into his murals.

Anyone going up/in Philly want to let me know how this looks in person?

Check out wallfarmers [dot] ca for the sweet details.

(images via wallfarmers [dot] ca by Zach Pelliccio)

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