Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies

(via PSAMP)

Even though I'm capt'n unsporty spice I am kinda really proud of this. Having my Tshirt design on a sport blog. Yes, that is the name of the sports blog, Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies. I was totally tricked into following PSAMP because of the mini ponies and now I'm following a sports blog?

How times change.


  1. Woohooo!
    Way to go Deb!
    And I too would be tricked by the mini pony part of that blog. I mean, THEY ARE SO FREAKIN' CUTE!

  2. Thanks Ze.

    You have to look at the one from yesterday...only 3 legs. So cute and so wrong that I want him so badly because it made him cuter.

  3. P.s. THIS IS AWESOME! You're so kick-ass D!

  4. Spankyouveramuch Biz.

    I'm thinking we should make cute kidlet clothes.


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