GB's Railway Posters of Yesteryears

One day I will share with you snippets of my childhood as to why I grew into such an Anglophile and why my spellings (when not full of typos) usually default to the English way of spelling.

For now, check out these great British Rail posters from the 60s and 70s.

While I never studied abroad in college, I was very fortunate to have spent a month traveling throughout GB with just a suitcase. I got to see the very touristy spots like London and York and stumbled upon not so touristy places through the highlands of Scotland and tiny little beaches of Wales. I loved how convenient the train was throughout the different terrains of GB and how cheap it was, especially your priority is saving money for the next warm pint of Guiness.

Recently I heard about this auction of these recently discovered posters. I sure do love the golden age nostalgia they evoke.

"When I was working through them they lifted the spirits somehow."
~Elizabeth Pepper-Darling of Morphets Auctioneer

More at Morphet's.

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