SF Sound Poster

I am super super stoked to show off this poster. It's not only a great example of an awesome collaboration between geniuses of counterculture but also such an awesome combination of:

(infographics yall!)
(a survey of SF's sounds throughout time)
Mohawk paper
(it's soooo smooth I'd like to rub my face on it)
McSweeneys(leftover crush on Dave Eggers from my early 20s)

I have Volume Inc. to thank for this lovely present in the mail. Seriously, I'm having a Wayne's World moment that I bow down and chant "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy."

Man look at the details on this. I have no clue as to how to frame it now since it's signed and numbered on the back. Any suggestions?

Nerd Details:
22″ × 30″
printed on Mohawk Superfine Smooth, Ultrawhite, 80 cover
First appeared in McSweeney's Panorama newspaper in December 2009.

PS: Posters are for sale at Felt & Wired and the newspaper at the McSweeney's Store.

Poster images via Volume Inc. and newspaper image via Steve Rhoade's Flickr


  1. That is awesome!
    You could have it mounted and framed, that way a matte doesn't cut into it and block off any of the image. If you go to any custom framer, they will know how to do that and have suggestions on how to go about it. Good luck!

  2. Thanks! Unfortunately no one can figure out how to frame it in a way that will display the signatures in the back. that's the key. Got any suggestions on that?

  3. You could have them frame it so it is between two panes of glass, on on each side. I know that they can do that, but it costs $$. Just a thought.
    You cuold also scan or photograph the signatures and then frame them in a little frame and hang it next to the poster.
    That is a tough one.


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