There Goes the Neighborhood

Remember the beautiful blackberries I ALMOST got to eat?

GONE! So are most of the leaves and tender stems. See the missing chunks on the leaves? Them's teethmarks.

I caught them in the act coming home one night. They totally didn't get my sarcasm of "Hey, help yourself jerks, not like I would like any blackberries for ANYTHING! Like home made ICE CREAM I still HAVEN'T MADE YET!"


We kinda have an unspoken no kill policy against critters bothering us around the house. We bought fake rubber snakes to scare moles/chipmunks/voles diggin holes to trip us and denting lawnmower blades. Perhaps I should look into getting these fake deer heads to put up on the shed to scare the deers.

Well, at least the morons haven't figured out where the basil's at.


  1. YOU have a strict no-kill policy, I don't.


  2. bro is convinced he will take care of it with his bow and arrows. double sigh.


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