Not Your Mama’s Liz

This grandma has been wearing Liz Claiborne for years. I liked the smell of Liz Claiborne Sport in the 80s/90s and totally rocked it in my head standing and being as awkward as a four-eyed midget-kid can get at a school dance. Also, I quickly learned after college, Wet Seal/Charlotte Russe-up-the-front-of-the-store-nice are still not kosher enough for real jobs, unless you're a hostess/worked at Wet Seal/or selling kids shoes at Nordstrom (which i totally did until I could land a "career job"). Through trial and error and admitting that I am a petite (with hips) rather than mega mega small in regular size and hemming half of the legs of pants, I learned that Liz and Ann carried clothes that fit me right. For years I still associated LC with mom-clothes and waited to see where Isaac would take this conservative brand.

Behold. Gems from the Fall '09 collection.

The punky-grunge-anglophile kid in me totally approves. Welcome back plaid, I don't have to tone you down, at least for this fall/winter.

Did you know that Liz also owns Juicy Coulture, Mexx and Kate Spade?

Juicy Coulture = Ew.

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