Shutyer cakehole

It's a concept bakery idea I've been toying with. You heard it first here. I am pretending this is the ghetto way for a trademark/patent idea. No I do not have the money to shell out a thou to get this patented or trademarked. But I have dorked enough with the idea to check, nope, not taken.

After this wave of cupcakery bidness dies down, what's next you say?

Behold, the doughnut with mini cupcake in the middle of course.

I do not have the culinary skillz of FlyingLeap nor Bekah like Whoah here, but I think I am onto something here. Of course it can be fancified up served on a giant peanut butter cookie and bacon sprinkles! As IF!

UPDATE: Add this other culinary monstrosity to list of food I make but don’t really eat because I like salt, not sugar.

The poundcake frenchtoast. I sprinkled some salt in the eggs to balance out the sweetness of the poundcake and then drizzled it with pomegranate syrup. Yes, I will eat that now.


  1. You really need to come visit me in NYC -- the latest trend among the Twittering soft-serve ice cream folks is the "choinkwich": chocolate soft-serve sprinkled with bacon and served between two giant cookies.

  2. Wow - although it looks good, it must have gazillion of calories. And I am not talking about bacon! ;)


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