Don't hate the Papyrus, hate the game

I didn't just watch Helvetica (2007), I watched the shit out of it while others snored away on the couch. I love typography and handwriting. I feel that typography really impacts the delivery of the message and I just can't take people seriously when they use 18pt purple script fonts in emails or mixing a bunch of fonts so I think I'm reading a ransom note. I don't think there is one font that should just be obliterated from our planet because even the most hated Papyrus looks friggin rad on a simple note card.

Just please don't use it on examples like these from Your Logo Makes Me Barf, where I get my "inspirations" of what NOT to do.

Now for something incredibly beautiful I call typ0rnography I came across a site that had all these ol letterpress fonts in alphabetical order. I have a feeling my kids will be learning their ABCs as in A is for Arial, B as in Bank Gothic, C for Century…

Moral of the story: Good font usage is like a soundtrack to a movie. You do not use Benny Hill theme music during the puppy death scene just like you do not use Papyrus all over a SciFi movie (yeah James Cameron, why did you wreck the previews of Avatar), and you don't use the Goosebumps font for kickass movie like 9 (et tu Tim Burton, ye of wonderful taste?).

And let's blow up Comic Sans, that's the font I really think should be obliterated for-evar!

Sidebar: So confused, why are there two Nine/9 movies coming out this year?


  1. When speaking of 18pt font purple letters...are you speaking of a Miss. BAC? Ugh I hated that!!

    Also...I used to think Papyrus was ok on some stuff but now I think it should die like Comic's too overused and with a gazillion other fonts out there...there is no excuse!

  2. yeah, totally BAC.

    I don't think comics even use comic sans anymore, now that is just sad.

  3. I think that CatWear sign had issues aside from just font.


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