I've been away in Atlanta for a couple of days hence the lack of blog. I really did not get to see much of Atlanta but there were some cool finds such as a paper fashion exhibit at the airport! At the AIRPORT! Why don't we have art exhibits in our airports? Wouldn't that be a great way to feature local artists or educational institutions? Yeah I'm looking at YOU National and Dulles!

Until I can get my shits together take a breather from dayjob, enjoy the adorable growing up story of Georgie the owlette and get all educated on burrowing owls, because i want one, and when you go to canadaland, you will smuggle one in for me, because that's what friends do, and i need more sleep.


  1. Exhibits in large airports have become pretty common -- they need to find some use for those long passage-ways they build to separate out the terminals. I think the first one I noticed was in the San Francisco international terminal when the fam was flying out of there to go to Hong Kong/Singapore/Mumbai in 2002: they had an exhibit of the Japanese costumes used in a recent theatrical production or something like that.

  2. see, that is that right thing to do. then you have national and dulles. sterile.


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