Role Reversal

Leroy went to a Man Spa and I got to sit outside in a mall while he got an awesome treatment inside ala old school barbershop. Sadly there weren’t other women around so we could rope off a section like the Best Buy commercial of “special male bonding section.”

Mad props to the folks at Grooming Lounge, I think what he felt was not unlike spoiling myself with a manicure/pedicure/massage. Too bad there were no chairs inside of the Grooming Lounge because smelling dude face lotions, aftershave, colognes is … intoxicating for me. I have pretty much stopped buying lady-smell deodorants just because the whiff of Old Spice scented stuff is way hotter than smelling like April Shower Fresh, whatever that is supposed to smell like.

Oh did I mention they serve you alcohol there? Now that's just unfair as I get juice/cucumber infused water/trail mix to help my body "detox" while dudes get to detox with a martini in hand?

Dudes, go here, ladies, send your dudes there. They will be less grouchy, no lie.


  1. ooooh, nice! Gift from you? What a cool idea, and yeah, ALCOHOL?! I get water with lemon at the massage place, bullshit.

  2. if alcohol kills germs, i should be able to detox with vodka. makes perfect sense in my head.

    gimpy needed a pampering since he went through knee reconstructing surgery. he is "almost" shiny and new.


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