Stamp Inspired

It should be no surprise to anyone that this dork collected stamps as a kid. My folks had friends from all over the world so I was quite spoiled with seeing cool stamps from all over the world. That hobby definitely dwindled and I never paid attention to stamps because it seems that stamp design in the states became so patriotic that I rarely saw anything other than flags or liberty bells. My interest in stamps got renewed last year when I took a batch of invitations to the post office to mail. An awesome postal service lady pointed out she had just the stamps for me. Summer + Indian wedding = Tropical Fruit Stamps! Heck yeah, she was so right and boooo for me (duhhhhhhh!) for not paying attention!

Looking at USPS website they have more not-so-lame postage stamps out, especially the really cool card shark love stamp that has been all the rage online lately. These would be awesome on rockabilly, vegas-themed or citrus-colored wedding invites. I know it'd be subtle, but how cool would it be if the groom's invites had the king, and the brides side, queen?

By all the rage, look at all these cards, address lables and gift tags inpired by the stamps.

So yeah, I have a couple ideas up my sleeve all inspired by current stamps. How's this set for a couple of kickass vintage weddings?

More to come...

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