Meet Morakot

There was one summer in Taiwan that we spent sleeping under beds because the earthquakes were crazy that year. For a long time, I associated earthquakes with summers and typhoons (actually are scientifically related) and magically, through a kid's head, it made sense. King Koopa set all the Sim Cities I had growing up with fire/typhoon/earthquakes all at the same time. Apparently, this theory still holds.

Meet Typhoon Morakot, the images makes me very worried especially when Ma tells me 2/3 of Taiwan is under water right now.

Of course, as if this disaster is not bad enough, look at how busy the Pacific Rim has been with all the earthquakes. Taiwan is the yellow smaller (but still over 6!) cluster of squares right between the two oranges.

We need to find that King Koopa basturd, yeah he's a turd and bastard all combined into one.

Yes, making inappropriate jokes is how I deal.

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