Dror for Target

I love that designers are teaming with Target to create clothing, furniture, etc. so I can afford to have a little slice of heaven/design snobbery. I have been hearing about Dror teaming with Target for awhile and finally, this came to my house (pardon the bad scanning job, I totally lifted the cover before it was done scanning, and blah blah blah, you get the idea). Finally, I get to see it in person and go ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Most of the pieces seemed a bit overly feminine with the purples and butterflies (unless you are Mariah Carey, butterflies are not cool beyond your teens!) but still have a lot of Dror's minimalism carried through.

I jumped online to see what else they got and these are some of the gems from the collection. I only wish the clock was made with real wood.

The nesting bookcase is really cool and allows for very cool combinations of stacking. Of course, Target only shows the more conservative stacking concepts, check out Dror Studio's website for alternative stacking options.

The studio really explored dualities in this collection. For example the flip pillows, which consists of bands of fabric that you can switch between different patterns for the same pillow. The pencil case offers two ways of opening. If you got to Dror Studio's site under product designs, you can see actual videos of how these work.

Here is the Target site and here's the Dror Studio's site.

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