Que Lindo

I gave my friend's mom a bouquet of our homegrown hydrangea a couple of summers ago, que lindo she said. Why thanks Senora R. We even had people stop by to offer to buy our hydrangeas for weddings.

After seeing months after months of Eddie Ross's floral creations, I think I found the perfect use for my stoneware bowl. Since I didn't have a frog, nor floral tape, I made a weave over the bowl with the ghetto masking tape so the flowers will stay in place. These flowers came from two different plants and apparently the soil is enough of difference to create the diversity in the colorings.

Move over Eddie Ross, this here is ghetto chic.

Dear Eddie, I was just kidding, ask my friends, I make a great hag! Call me when you're sick of hanging with the old ladies.

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