just add water

A co-worker mentioned this recipe from upstate to me. Now, I’m not from around there but this recipe sounds kind of amazing, like a college meal I’ve concocted with cafeteria leftovers. It’s so simple, it’s like astronaut food, just add water. I’m totally saving this recipe, sounds like a kids meal.

a kids meal for one…

Boiled hot dog, cut lengthwise, but not all the way through so they are still connected side by side

Ok it gets easier…

2 scoops of mashed potatoes
2 pieces of sliced cheese

Put the taters on the hotdogs, put the cheese on the taters. Melt the cheese in microwave or oven.

Dunzo, BAMN!

It’s almost as ghetto as the cooking bologna in a can stuff I’ve heard my bro made in the Army, almost.

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