Because I take requests

Despite being a bacon fiend, I actually don’t eat bacon that often. Why? Because of that whole social norm thing. Even though that girl who judged me eating 2 packs of bacon from 7-11 after a night of reliving college drinking was a stoopit loudmouth annoyance that shouldn’t register on my radar, it was still a hint that’s not how I want to be remembered. Imagine that on my death notice, “Try not to judge her, found on the floor of a small kitchenette, a midget covered in bacon grease with a drooly smile on her face.”

And also Leroy doesn’t like bacon, so I never get to eat that with him anyways, unless it’s in the form of Wendy’s baconator.

So because I haven’t had bacon in a long while, and mom was hinting that she wanted me to make this, AND bacon was totally on sale at Giant, AND she’d been miserable from the insane-zyrtec-immune-pollen-that’s-turning-my-car-chartreuse, AND I felt like cooking on a weeknight.

I made this

::bacon wrapped prunes::

Yeah it may sound gross, ew prunes right? But growing up in Taiwan, prunes were treats. Confused the shit out of our minds that social norm thing attacks dried fruits too. You can substitute the prunes part with pineapple chunks instead, if you must.

1 pack of bacon
Lots ‘O toothpicks
½ pack of pitted dry prunes (not the bit size ones, WHOLE)
1 can of pineapple rings, cut into quads

Take the prunes/pineapple chunks and wrap them with bacon, then you shot them right through the heart with the toothpicks to anchor the bacon from sliding off as the bacon shrivels while cooking. I microwave them with paper towels to get soak up the bacon grease for about 6 minutes. Then I throw them on a baking sheet in oven to make them brown/crunchie.

What you end up with is a delicious cure for premenstrual munchies, a perfect combo of the salty and sweet, a simple appetizer, AND your ass will thank you.


  1. wow - bacon wrapped prunes? sounds like something that pregnant woman would eat. Don't take me wrong - I do like bacon too - only in traditional bacon-eggs-waffles combo.

  2. Sounds like the less hoity-toity version of figs wrapped with prosciutto, which is a fancy appetizer I've seen before.


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