Lazy/Happy Hen

One of the rituals Steni and I share is letting her nap in my bed when I shower at night. This hen appreciates the curve of a pillow, perfect for her to rest beak, tucking her long llama neck under her chin. I let her go to her own bed , a basket in our bathroom, when I'm done showering, even though her snoring and sleepy-eye-ness is just so friggin adorable.

Uhhhhhnnnn, ignore that giant bunny in next to the pillow, don't be scared by the toughness it exudes, it's there to protect Sten.


  1. Fantastic reading lady, you are hilarious!

    I miss the old gang, let's get the band back together, go on tour!

  2. What a little princess brat. I love it. :)


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