Spring and it's crazy weather

Took out the camera today to capture some of the Spring-ness around the house and then encountered the crazy bitch that is Spring weather. The wee hours of this morning, we had what my friend Joe called Silent Hill fog. It really looked like this.

Then we had not a cloud int he sky, which is when I went out and found these dainty flowers underneath our still bare blackberry bushes.

I noticed the red flowers coming out of our big tree, the jerks responsible fore irritating the crap out of my mom's sinus system with allergy from hell. But when the flowers are gone, and the leaves come out, I love this tree for being the breeding ground for the beautiful short-lived 17 year cicadas and it also holds a the boots that belongs to my brother, with the date he was done with Army inscribed on the sole of his last pair of Army boots.

Next came the crazy showers that came down like monsoon rain, sideways just like in Forrest Gump. I unfortunately just bought some poster boards to mount some artwork and stood under the store awning wondering if I could make a run to my car or just wait for the rain to subside. Unfortunately, the rain did not go away despite humming the tune in my head. I got to the car and drove off and then caught the beautiful rainbow against the still stormy grey sky with the sun so slanted that it made all the bare trees aglow with this beautiful orange glow. Did I mention Orange is my favourite color?

What a beautiful way to end the day.


  1. The rainbow and flaming trees photo is pretty amazing. You should enter it in the YobiPICS contest on Yobi.tv. There's only one weekly contest left. Nature themes seem to be popular so you might just get that 30th semifinalist spot.


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