Gin Soaked Raisins

"Gin Soaked Raisins"

That’s the name of my future jug band, where I am the feature washboardist, and also what helps me get through limpy days. Feel free to to use the recipe but don't you dare steal the name, I will cut you, pho real.

The weather has been a bitch here lately, not just raining, but the drizzle/fog that makes this old lady achy. My hip sockets feels the cold humidity set in after a day or two and having been marinating in this weather is killing me. Yesterday was particularly bad as I spent the day sitting on a heat pad and waiting for the end of day so I can go home and eat a spoonful of mom’s gin soaked raisins. This has been the amazing remedy to her arthritic fingers and knees, and when I remember to eat it, it’s great for my hip. I’ve heard of this old wives remedy prepared with variation of moonshine, cherries, etc. but here is my family’s recipe.

The makings:
1 large mason jar
1 package of white raisins
1 bottle of gin, mmm mmm lime flavour

The doings:
Fill mason jar with raisins to about 2/3 way full. Dump enough gin to just cover the raisins. Let the raisins soak in the gin without the top until they become plump again which takes about a week. If you are a teetotaler, let the raisins sit for about 2 weeks so the alcohol totally evaporates (lammmmmmmmmmme).

Little aches:
I prefer to have just enough alcohol with the 1 week old version to keep my tummy warm and kill the pain on rainy days. I usually just eat a spoonful of raisins on days I hurt like a mother ache.

Mom eats a spoonful of the teetotallying-pansie version everyday.

i don't know if you witnessed that awesome code-ness i just did. it's been about 10 years since 10 years i last touched that shit and hooray long term geek memory.

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  1. Mmm sounds yummy! Hey, Debbs, does it have any other healing properties? Can you eat them just for the raisins and gin? :)))
    By the way - about joint pain - some people say that if you go gluten-free it helps a lot and also if you do parasite cleansing at least a couple times a year it helps too.


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