First Drug Test

Took my first drug test in my life for a job, funny how it's nothing I'd imagined it would be. In deperate measures after graduation, i had considered CIA at one point of my life. A friend's dad, who was in CIA at the time, nicked that idea in the bud, good call. Holy shit that thing tasted like a salt lick. I think overcaffeinated is not going to be an issue. I was very amused when I got home though.

me: Hey, i took my first drug test, why is it so salty?
Leroy: You're not supposed to drink the urine sample


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  1. aren't you funny with your drug testing! :))) but really - why did you have to test it? I thought they take your blood and urine (I never had to go through one myself)...
    Can't imagine you working for CIA - you are too cheery for that :))


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