So after being snowed in yesterday, this star employee tried first day at work again, on the second day. OH MY GOD it is the awesome. After 30 minutes of driving like a grandma to avoid the icy crap left by the storm yesterday I got to see my new office. I have to say I am a bit retarded since I have not mapped out where the nearest bathroom, in relationship to my office, or the copier room, or the nearest exit. Every corner has the same carpet pattern! If only there were stairs and David Bowie can pop up instantaneously, this job would just be heaven. Oh yes, back to work… I spent today interviewing web design firms about their creative capabilities, and project solutions. How kickass my opinion is valued here, after not paying to park in my own office! I know it is pretty apples to oranges about my opinion to parking, but good god I have my own warm office with 2 24” flat screens side by side. I just want to shut my door and cry a little for the awesomeness that is my new job, go out to wegmans for lunch, and smother myself with food from the wokery behind my frosted glass sidelight. I left work when it was still bright out, which brought a little tears to my eyes since I’m not used to seeing sunlight outdoors during the weekday. Stoopit sun and it’s bright beautiful rays. I have to be careful tomorrow so the overwhelming happiness doesn’t make me pee too much in my new office…

Oh yes, with my free time this weekend, I got to paint the trim in my studio. I figured since my bro couldn’t finish the job, I am it. Last week I got two sweet worktables and a display from Leesburg. The tables were perfectly midget sized for me, with built in ledges that I can stick my feet under the large surface table without getting swollen feet from dangling from normal people sized furniture. Unfortunately everything sweet in my life does not come easily, or fit through my kitchen door, stairs to studio, front porch etc. I have to take apart these 2 behemoth beauties before I can haul them into the house, such is a small price to pay for awesomely perfect worktables eh? With the studio almost painted, I can bring these bad boys in and start crackin for May.

News about May to come...


  1. Congrats on your new job! I know how important it is at these times.
    And congrats with the beginning of your new business! Are you going to be working from home or you rented the studio somewhere?

  2. I have to be careful tomorrow so the overwhelming happiness doesn’t make me pee too much in my new office…

    Just find that nearest bathroom, and you can pee happily.


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