I have turned and faced the strain and will be the last original CorporatePunk to leave my current job. Yes I will be going to another corporate job but hopefully, this will be the transition I needed before taking HandPeckedDesigns to be a full time operation.

I’ve had to decide between leaving current job or staying, leave for Boston or stay in Virginia. I was encouraged that many friends liked the idea of Boston but in the end, I had a couple of signs that I should stay in Virginia. For example, this past week has been bitterly cold in the DC area. I couldn’t stay warm unless I was enveloped into a huge down jacket that made me look like the lil brother from A Christmas Story. Combine that with a hat, a scarf half way up my face, and my good ol UVA ear muffs, you know I’m deathly afraid of the cold. One late night coming back home from work, mom laughed at how I looked and helped me realized I couldn’t possibly move to anywhere colder, from Taiwan to LA, then DC, I can’t go any further north.

Having made that decision has been a huge weight lifted and after talking with a couple of friends from work, I am ready. I’m looking forward to having some personal time afterwork, before sleep. After all, here are just a tip of the iceberg of what all has to be done still…

1) Laundry
2) General Cleaning
3) Finish converting family room into studio
4) Keep working on new designs and learn new techniques such as Gocco
5) Make some of my “manboodles” I’ve been saying I’ll make.
6) Hang out with the family/friends/chickens more
7) Cook more
8) Read more
9) Enjoy life more
10) Volunteer more

Hopefully soon, Kori and I can be found at Eastern Market, taking turns between mannign the booth and running to the bathroom because girls have no bladder. =)

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