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I haven’t blogged in awhile, mostly because I’ve been overloaded with work and not knowing where my camera cable is. I will update with photos later on. Inauguration Ball
I was Palli’s impromptu date and ditched our SigO’s for an awesome inaugural ball at the newly opened American History Museum. I know there were some Hollywood type stars there since they were surrounded by a posse but sadly I’m not “down” with it enough to recognize who’s who. I didn’t even know who Biz Markie was until the day before.

Totally dorking it out, Palli and I recognized more literati than celebrities. One of my favorite poets, whom I enjoyed seeing frequently at UVA, Rita Dove and her husband were there as well. Yes, I got really excited at seeing a friendly face. I was so glad that she was so nice to us and asked about our lives after college.

//Side note, I found out Rita Dove is from Akron, Ohio. I’m finding that I’ve got all these cool Ohio connections everyday. Also, is there a coincidence that I’ve lived on and off of a road that shares the same name as her grandmother? I didn’t think so….//

We kicked off our shoes and joined the giant dance and shook it to old school hiphop even I recognized. I got to check out the newly renovated museum and man seeing the star spangled banner in the dimly lit room with simple words of national anthem was very powerful. I think every American should come check this out and understand what US went through during the early 1800s. By midnight, we knew we had to head back home so we can rest before work the next day. We got back into the pumpkin carriage disguised as a blue/green jetta and went back to our normal lives.

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