Madeleine Albright: Read my Pins

I love rocking some pins and brooches, because I'm a grandma at heart, and who doesn't like more pieces of flair?

I love that Madeleine Albright, through her intense stint as Secretary of State representing US to the world, started this feminine and fun way of letting her personality shine through. Check out the video below for the great stories and the jabs she made at other countries' policies. So glad to hear this exhibit at the Smithsonian Castle is extended till this weekend so I can catch it in person. Unfortunately no photography allowed so feel free to flip through the best of the best at the Smithsonian site.

So powerful that she wears the clay heart her daughter made. In contrast she's got the eagle from Tiny Jewel Box, such a cool balance of her as a mother and the fancy schmancy life.

Totally adding her to the cool-people-I-want-to-be-be when I grow up list.


  1. I saw a story about her pins a while back. It's fascinating to me that with all that she had going on, she still took the time to put so much thought into what pin would be appropriate for the person she was meeting!

    Thanks for visiting my little blog the other day. Do you have chickens or are you just a fan of them? I finally got three hens this year and am loving them. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by here Melissa. Yup I have two banties: silkie hen and serama roo. I used to have ducks and rehabbed birds but now I'm just down to chickens and a hedgehog. As you can see I am a fan of critters and I love the letterpress cards in your shop.


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