Warby Parker Frames

It's true, I enjoy picking out glasses by how good they would look with tape in the middle. When I first heard Warby Parker's low prices and ├╝ber nerd frames I was in love and I so can't wait to try out some frames. Too bad the wait was like over five months for the frames I wanted to try apparently. Last week I got an email that my turn was up, and I ordered a bunch of badboys to tryout. Knowing that my face shape I needed to stick with things that go upward as they go out. I got the following to play with over the weekend:

Finn Revolver Black
Cailin Whiskey Tortoise Matte
Harper Summer Green
Cailin King's Purple
Colton Tangerine

I so wanted the orange Coltons to work. I just can't rock light colors though. But you know what? After wearing it all weekend and asking everyone how they looked, I think the Finn is just the kind of nerd glasses for me...with a lil tape mod of course.

The presentation in the box is just awesome. With the UPS return label inside, it was easy to return and so much fun to try.


  1. Ooooh, they look great Debb! AND I WANT THAT DRESS SO HARD!

  2. Nerdcore forever! I just wanted to look like Henry Rollins with his frames. Coolness osmosis and all.

  3. Harper Summer Green sounds romantic <3 beatiful color, you give me crazy ideas, now i want to try bright color frames

  4. love love love! I have to wait until after the baby comes to get new frames because apparently your eyesight gets all wonky while you're preggo. But this sounds like a fun way to try some new specs!

  5. What your eyes get wonky while preggo? No one has told me that, like what kind of wonky?

  6. i want to try this brand so bad! i'm interested in the huxley in whisky tortoise :)



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