Kazuo Ohno

Dancing has never looked so frightening till Kasuo Ohno. Ohno, founder of Japanese Butoh, influenced so much of Japanese horror movies and in turn, current American remakes. Remember the girl from The Ring and how frightening her locked joint movements were?

Kazuo Ohno, a Founder of Japanese Butoh, Dies at 103, The New York Times.


  1. what. the. hell.

    it intrigues me and is terrifying at the same time, i enjoyed sharing that with my coworkers just now.


  2. once I saw butoh I was like whoah, this totally answers all the times I've questioned where the Japanese horror film genre comes from

    horrifying and intriguing indeed. it's a guilty intrigue like watching freakshows.

  3. 人有兩眼一舌,是為了觀察倍於說話的緣故。.........................


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