A Fine Romance

So yeah I got tagged twice for the Plastic Joy Award but I really wanted to keep this blog Barbie-free (just look at that horrifying graphic, the horror the horror)! I figured this is a perfect time for me to hit the publish button since these tie into the imaginary boyfriends realm right? If you are really curious about my response, you can always check out Whisker Biscuit and Lindsay on the Go's comment section for my dreamboat list.

This post is best read with Lena Horne's A Fine Romance playing in the background.

So say I've got a friend visiting Vegas, what would I beg her to do? Visit the The Heart of a Woman: Harlequin Cover Art 1949-2009 of course.

I think it's a very cool reflection on pop illustration/book design and also a reflection of how the roles of women have changed in the past 60 years. We went from "Vampy tramp" to "protect me from bears/snakes/bad men" to "career women." Pretty hilarious yet pretty to look at all at the same time.

(You can totally see the transition from "protect me from bear' to 'career women' with her nurses outfit IN.THE.MOUNTAINS.)

(Before GH, Chicago Hope, ER, the fascination with doctors and nurses goes way back apparently.)

Lastly, because I've got to bring it back. These many of these beautiful ladies have been turned into stationery thanks to eHarlequin (does anyone read those anymore really? Lemme know, I'm just real curious) so check out the vampy postcards, collector tins and notebooks over there.

Special special thanks to PG from Half the Sins of Mankind for catering to my eccentricity and sending me the exhibit catalog.

And erm Biz and Linds, thanks for that Award2.


  1. Having worked in a bookstore for an elephant's age I can tell you that Harlequin is still alive, well, and ticking along with imprints selling everything from classic bodice-rippers to modern career-woman-meets-werewolf-saves-the-city capers.

  2. Yeah I figured they were alive, how else would Fabio still get paid right?

    It's just with so many of the series now and of course Nora Roberts' gazillion trilogies, i was wondering if anyone reads the ones from Harlequin anymore. I have to check out the modern career-woman-meets-werewolf-saves-the-city capers, if just for giggles. That sounds amazingly hilarious.


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