What is one more than a triptych? a quatych?

1) I think I musta been an Indian in my past life. I love the bright colors, the gorgeous but constricting clothes, the food, the jewelry, the body adornments, the religion - the polytheism part, not the predetermination of caste systems. Because of my own extremes of eclecticism I am very attracted to the idea of polytheism. I like to think there are different deities who are specialists like doctors who are more efficient and can understand specific needs at the time. The AIDS Amma? I think that is just one of the best inventions of man. *I sure hope I don't offend any Hindus and botch my adoption into an Indian family. **It's totally ok, my folks said they're cool with it if I get adopted.

2) One of the things I realized last week is that other than the dude, many of my closest friends are beyond the state border. Even real life friends are now part of my online network of contacts. I asked myself if I was okay with that setup and surprisingly, I'm quite ok with the situation. While I do grieve for missed drink-till-we're-stoopit face-to-face time, technology has made it so easy to stay in touch realtime so if we put our creative minds at work, we can do that 8th grade single person hug against the wall that totally looks like we're making out with someone else. Truly the friends I've managed to stay in touch with and the friends I have made here fuel my creativity when I can bounce ideas off of you so quickly, and you also make me feel less awkward, knowing I'm not the only weirdo here, you freak. (love youuuuuuuuu)

3) I like a lot of crap, there's a lot that caters to my whimsy (such as the ALOT monster, the kracken, or just pretty pretty flowers). When I was a wee one, palm readers have looked at my hand and go ' WTF' because of how crazy lined my hands were and they've told my folks to tell me chill. I think we were way too practical to truly believe that but if palm reading was real science, they've got my brain figured out. I can be found having a great time at a babyshower hanging out with two adorable four year olds giggling our heads off about stories we made up about poop while the moms shoot me apologetic looks, like they appreciate my entertainment of the kidlets but feel bad that I'm missing out on the adult festivities which involved a lot of non-alcoholic cooing. An hour later, I'm back home go immediately to watching weird ass foreign horror movies. I can enjoy burlesque but still get disgusted seeing lil girls in booty shorts. I think I've spent so many unhappy years trying so hard to be cool that now I'm finally saying eff it, just.have.fun.self.enjoy.it.all.

4) I loved to compartmentalize friends and I still do. I had my international friends, gay/hag friends, design friends, geek friends, art friends etc. Rarely do I like circles to touch. The thought of worlds colliding is so scary to me, I think Rob Zombie's lil brother wrote a song about it (yes, I'd like to think Spyder wrote about my fears). "Will they like me less because they know I also enjoy _____?" "What if they'll get offended by ____?" In a way, being online has been so cool for my separation of the worlds and I kept my work contacts at bay. As I found myself becoming friends with coworker outside of work, it was so hard to figure out which world they should be shoehorned into. I still don't know. Would I want to be labeled as a freak all over again? Eff no. Would I want to be labeled as a boring square? Narf! So what do I need to do to keep things separate? How much of hand pecked design work do I share? Should I add her as a friend even though I hate her stoopit face and her rolling eyes? Do I add him to LinkedIn even though he's Captn Meatmarket and I have to shower immediately after every time I run into him? I SOOOOOO wish there is a Hindu goddess who specializes in this kind of dilemma and can rip out the intestines of this trouble for me.

Dear innernet/Obi wan kenobi, you are my only hope but you are also one of my biggest pain that keeps me up at night.

~truly written late at night and posted at sensible time for once.

Oh and if you know the answer to the title, please let me know, it's been awhile since art history 101.


  1. Thanks Stew, that sounds like a kind of dinosaurs doesn't it. you and your english language grumble mumble grumble...

  2. I r not the FReaK!

    ok, maybe a little bit. <3

  3. yeah, i know i'm not right in the head... i figured as i grow old, i could get away with it more.


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