Follow Friday, Spank You Very Much Edition, 4.30.10

(Queue the soundtrack as you read for a full multimedia experience, but without the ugly 3D glasses)

  • Kindness and Karma week has pushed me to spread some love, to myself and others. And dernit, it feel good, especially the salty brine-y olive juice murking up my martini treat to myself for my homes Biscuit, since I’m a giver like that.
  • Got the kindest note from Ellie of Mint/Hello Tenfold/West+Plum. She's been so wonderful in sharing stationary business practices and has been a great resource for dos and don'ts. Here I was, thinking that I’m a bit overwhelmed with two weddings and a graduation announcement projects and she’s working on “400 programs for five brides, four invitation sets for four different brides, one blog redesign, one website project, and met with a couple design clients.” P0WND.
  • NKOTB – While we were never in love because my ears were being shredded by the guitars of Nirvana and Soundgarden, I’m thankful for your effects on these ladies Biscuit & Junket. Without you and them, I would not have the great laughter I needed earlier this week.
  • Post Edit - Almost forgot, Lisa Romero of Paper Bullet sent me this awesome illustration, "The Secret is in the Beard." Oh yes, god bless facial hair, on men of course. rrrrrrrrrrr

Thank you for making my week end up pretty awesome.

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