grrrrrrrrr 3.19.10

I know I might sound soooooo early 2000s here but I do still have a myspace account. Why? Because I do love music. Call me lazy but I find myspace to be the best source to find new music and follow the schedules of my fav bands.

Lately I decided to change my profile picture to this, this is my way of dealing with the flood of "check out my sound" requests.

Trying my best to keep negativity out of this here blog. Sorry Kathleen, I just went booooooo fail.

But while I'm feeling graphically snarky (no, sorry, not a kiss and teller), here are my fav snarky sites for the #ff.

Your Logo Makes Me Barf
Clients from HELL
Whisker Biscuit & JennieJen - my ladies who make fun of stoopit engagement shots whether it's boobs squeezed too tightly in a dress or the 99 luft balloon reenactment


  1. you let it all out, honey, i think it's funny.

  2. it had to be written...too many people on myspace are creepy/pushy.

  3. The only excuse for using either of those fonts is that you are 5, and even then its not a very good one.


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