3.12.10 Tricking Spring

Remember when Fridays during gradeschool when girls would dress up? Nope, never did that. I wore skirt/dress twice in HS, both times with boxers underneath since that's how I rolled. (Ironic now in the real world, Fridays are for dressing down, that's when to rock the espadrilles, cute jeans, sunglasses instead of headband…)

Then when college came around and that's where I got introduced to draggy makeup and clothing (thanks friends! your highlighting skills come in handy on days of dark circles). Eventually I learned to tone it down in fear of my gay friends stretching out my clothes and a couple of girls and I started doing something we called "tricking spring." As soon as it gets remotely warm, um let's say above 45 degrees, we would throw on the spring-est dresses, hoping to trick mother nature into full on spring already.

Now as an adult, I find that most of my outfits are dresses. I wear them to work or I'd wear jeans underneath to go out. The secret is I can usually eat more and I don't have to worry bout matching my top to bottoms.

So yeah, I've been browsing to see what spring dresses are in this year. I am sooooooo looking forward to spring and longer days ahead so I can play with my camera after work!

I'm sooooo eyeing these pretties.

via Tulle

What dresses are you eyeballin for spring?


  1. Loves it! I want those yellow ones! I also think I'm going to try this tricking spring, if only for the fact taht I want to wear a dress without tights!

  2. Oh but tights are so in! Look at Zooey Deschanel!


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