Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!

Here is the previously mentioned Virginia Valentine. Yes, it's all kinds of pink and glittery but I'm ok with it, for now. I only made a few of these this year but I think I will roll these out next year in a shop.

I'm so glad there's a cardswap so I don't get called gay when I make Valentines this year. See, if there's a group doing it, it's completely 'normal.' Power to the girly people.

What are you doing today? Snuggling/snogging I hope.

I am actually solo this weekend so I think I will enjoy some really girly time by going to watch a girlie movie without being made fun of by a certain person who's out of town. Yep, I'm so going to watch Leap Year because of my Amy Adams girl crush then I will finish the evening with lots of stouts I bet. Eff, my plans are so effed. Leap Year is not playing anywhere around me. It'll be curling up with a hedgehog, some form of alcohol and old school Client Eastwood films.

I never said I lived a rockstar life, and all my girl friends are out of state.


  1. thanks so much for including me on your v-day card list, debb. love your clever va-pride card!

  2. Love getting this -- so cool! Sorry there was no "Leap Year" nearby, but I bet it will be equally good on video (no orcs or explosions).


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