Plain Ivory in 3 Schemes

These three scheme pups went out recently. I will keep yall posted on the progress.

The amount of wedding requests as of almost-February is making up for the lack of weddings last year. Perhaps this will be the year for weddings and not babies like last year?

Who am I kidding? I am surrounded by preggos. And I am okay with it.*

*explanation: previously I had a strange fear of being around preggos. They used to gross me out. I think it might have been a fear from watching all those Alien franchises. Good thing those Predators** took them out in AVP(R) so I can rest assured this won't happen to me.
**oversharing: Uh so I was at a party last weekend as DD and one of my most enjoyable moments was when this physicist started describing what he was inventing with photons to capture images like Predator do I know what he's talking about? I completely outed myself as major major geek girl who is socially awkward until someone throws out nerd topics


  1. Thanks Nadia! Yup, I've been known to throw out classy stuff once in awhile.


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