Last Week

This was meant for Friday and I'm behind, duh.

Here is a short wrap of things ending 1.8.10.

  • Original Eiffel Tower Blue Prints for some vintage architectural drawing love.
  • Beautiful Korean/Scandinavian wedding's brilliant wedding site
  • Sexy skull stiletto ankle boots
  • Hard floor cleaning robot, Roomba's new BFF
  • Did you know Paper Source steals other people's designs? Just thought you should know. I was floored and then very disappointed by PS. Isn't this an intellectual property law infringement? (they rip off Oh Joy! and Snow & Graham)
  • Last of the Gen X's, I love Rolling Stone's retrospective photo gallery of Grunge
  • Fellow Alumni of Hereford College/Romance writer Nadia Lee(pseudonym Angelle Trieste) got married in Japan!

Welcome to my brain.

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