Hat's off to you VW

No, not Volkswagen, who makes poltergeist cars that haunt me on rainy days and won't start back up so I'm caught in the parking lot of a Burger King or the creepy parking lights that turns on on their own when I'm parked and engines off.

Oh yeah, back to my design idol.

Dame Vivienne Westwood, oh how I adore you and your genius! If I ever meet her in person one day, it'd be like that moment from Wayne's World when Wayne and Garth just starts bowing down to Alice Cooper while chanting "we're not worthy, we're not worthy." Exactly like that.

I know I've tweeted about this last week, but this needs its own post, as a followup to the original wallpaper post here. Remember the wallpaper collaboration with Cole and Sons based on her previous fabric designs? She's turned the wallpapers back into dresses.

Look at the party dress with the Madonna cones, that's is from the Union Jack wallpaper, so very different from Ginger's Union Jack dress huh? I wish I had the balls to carry that off for day-wear but that classic sheath on the right is more me, because I'm such a grandma at heart.

I love it when design worlds collide.

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