Whoah there, I almost typed 1.22.09, it's been 21 22 days and I'm still not out of the habit.

This week was a wee bit busy but I really thrive on running on little sleep. It keeps me from wallowing that I'm not at Alt to meet my design bloggin' heroes or hear Heather Armstrong's Tennessee voice.

When I went through my starred items from the week I realized this week's #ff is going to be filled with geekery. Welcome to THAT side of my brain.

  • I took a Myers Briggs test and found out I am INTJ. Now I just need to figure out what that is actually is and how I should boost/change my natural tendencies? The year is still young that I will try new stuff.
  • Even though I can't be there, I am getting my constant #altsummit stream of updates and ideas about bloggin', defining my presence/products via Twitter. Thank you technology.
  • With the amount of crappy crafts lately, ie, see the growing popularity of Regretsy (book deal too), 2WB's post, and now This) I sure hope this handmade wave of popularity isn't going to die down.
  • Pretty epic local news: a meteorite fell around here and Luray Caverns showed up on Atlas Obscura!
  • This week I learned about biomass waste energy generation. Sounds so intelligent doesn't it? In 7th grade humour terms, it's Poop Power. Elephants are like so hot right now.
  • I still can't believe no one told me Sam the Koala died last year and there's a huge controversy now because THEY.STUFFED.HER. with her bandaged arms and legs, in a museum. Let me get over her death first, then I'll get riled up about her creepy taxidermy. I'm a little behind.
  • I can't NOT mention food. Don't even ask me about my food binge after a deadline. (It pretty much involved picking out one item from each category at a drive thru.) How awesome is this crème frache recipe. I can't wait to put this on all the fruits and not think about how much it is for a little bottle.
I am looking forward to some brainstorming for some wedding stationary, finish a paper portrait and saying goodbye to a friend moving back to Hotlanta. Let's hope I don't end up just sleeping in, although it sounds so tempting right now, yawn.

Images: Old timey Salt Lake City via Flickr, Phrenology illustration via Flickr, Stalacpipe Organ Album via Atlas Obscura, le bon lait bottle from stephmodo of course, and yup, that's my notebook from a seminar on Networking skillz for Introverts, for realsies.

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